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System development

The transfer of entire product concepts – or alternatively your specifications – follows in our development stage.

Our iPC standard products as well as our embedded computing platforms make it possible to supply our partners with prototypes or functional samples in a rapid and uncomplicated manner.

Besides the conceptional work, our experience and know-how leaves its mark on the following cooperative and agile development process. Next to classic construction work, system design and suitable testing procedures (e.g. temperature tests, EMV, electric safety, noise emission, and more) we focus on staying flexible for possible changes and challenges that might occur.

We consider a focus on the cost-value ratio as fundamental developing industrial computers.

All systems are developed conform to international standards (incl. development documentation), to make registrations and certifications on our partner’s side easy, helping to reduce their operating expense.

Last but not least, our system development includes appropriate packaging design (optical design, drop test for shipments, dimensional weight improvement, and more).