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    Medical Platforms – enabling fast engineering in the future

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    HMI Hardware

    21. June 2018

    Medical Platforms – enabling fast engineering in the future

    The change of R&D and supply chains

    Medical technology is a strongly growing field with great potential for expansion. Technological progress allows better and faster diagnoses, opening the way to personalized medicine.  In turn, the development is faced with new challenges. On the one hand, short development cycles are required. On the other hand, new technologies must be mastered and successfully implemented. In order to meet this challenge, a rethinking of the current development processes is required. To keep pace with technological progress and to withstand the time pressure, the use of standardized modules – both in hardware and in software – will increasingly be the subject of modern development processes. As a result of the division of tasks and the use of standard platforms the developers will be able to focus on their core know-how as well as responsibilites.

    The use of tablets and smartphones has fundamentally changed operations as well as interaction and has become indispensable in the 21st century. As a result, new developments require a modern well connected HMI control unit which increases the joy of use by enabling simple and error-free operation. We from System Industrie Electronic recognized this trend and the complexity involved within the whole process – from usability to integration to life cycle management. That is why we have developed a platform for modern HMI control units with focus on interaction and control. This modular system consisting of pre-verified hardware and software modules enables fast implementation, rapid prototyping and straightforward development. 80% of the platform is standard and 20% consists of customizations. In addition, the necessary documentation for certification is available. This drastically reduces time to market and costs.

    Modern HMI controls are complex units in themselves and consist of a multitude of components as well as complex manufacturing processes such as optical bonding between cover glass and display. Consequently, standardization also facilitates supply chain management, as the unit can be supplied as one module from one vendor. More than that, the availability of the components in use is enhanced by active life cycle management, thus saves resources as well as ensures availability throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

    Combining the complexity of operation in a smart HMI operating unit and simplifying the associated supply chain enables technological progress to be handled in the future helping patients. This is what we believe in – this is what we stand for.

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